One of the critical factors in extending the lifespan of your mini​ split AC system is positioning the indoor and outdoor units⁢ correctly. **Indoor‌ units** ⁤should be placed ‌in areas with ample airflow and sufficient clearance around them. Consider mounting them ⁤high ⁢on the wall, away from ​direct sunlight ‌and any potential obstructions like furniture or curtains. This placement not⁢ only enhances the efficiency of the ⁢unit ⁢but also prevents unnecessary strain on the⁤ system.

  • Avoid placing indoor‌ units ⁤near heat⁤ sources.
  • Ensure ⁣clear pathways for airflow.
  • Maintain a ⁢safe distance from electronics⁣ and appliances.

**Outdoor‌ units**, on the other hand, require a location that allows​ for proper ventilation ‌and minimal exposure to the⁢ elements. It’s advisable​ to avoid areas⁤ prone to flooding​ and those ‍overshadowed by shrubs ⁣or ‍other obstructions.‍ Installing a​ protective‌ cover‍ or awning⁢ can shield the unit from‌ extreme weather, while ensuring adequate space ⁤around the unit for ⁤maintenance and airflow will significantly ⁢prolong⁣ its ‍operational life.

Component Optimal Placement⁣ Tips
Indoor ⁢Unit High wall,⁣ away from sunlight
Outdoor Unit Ventilated area, ⁤minimal ‍obstructions